Nutrition consulting and Gut health support.


Let’s begin at the core.

Nourishing ourselves with the right food and healthy eating habits sits at the core of health, and is the underlying philosophy of Digest. A healthy digestive system is core to many vital functions in the body, converting food into key nutrients and for providing energy and important micronutrients to help maintain good health and a state of wellbeing. The modern western diet and lifestyle, alongside environmental toxins and certain drugs have placed digestive systems under great stress, which for many individuals triggers chronic inflammation. Digest is committed to helping clients nourish and restore their digestive health so that they can stay healthy and energetic for the long-term. Hippocrates suggested that, all disease begins in the gut.”  Scientific evidence increasingly shows that many chronic diseases can be caused or influenced by inflammation in the gut.  And the evidence continues to grow as new research is completed.

Photography by Wen van Woudenberg @beeldsteil. All rights reserved